The Bung Terrace, Halal Seafood in Bangkok

The Bung Terrace is a Thai, halal restaurant located at Ramkamhaeng 24 Yaek 2 with an emphasis on delicious seafood.

The ambience has a very trendy vibe with beautiful, modern colors that make the spacious restaurant feel comfortable and cozy. Although it is located next to a major road, there is enough parking spaces to accommodate most patrons.

Tom Yum Goong — spicy and sour prawn soup — is a must-taste in Thailand and this place does not disappoint. The river prawns are just the right size and the soup is very rich in flavor.

Grilled beef ribs are served on a hot plate which seals in the marinade for full flavor.

Fried fish with mixed herbs is an underrated, Thai classic that also happens to be healthy. The freshness of the ingredients can definitely be tasted and the spicy sauce topping the fish makes it complete.

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2 thoughts on “The Bung Terrace, Halal Seafood in Bangkok”

  1. I have been to this restaurant. One of the best halal place to eat in Bangkok. This place is cozy and clean and best of all, the food is superb. I went here 3 times during our 1 week holiday in Bangkok. Highly recommended. We hire Grab to get here and the waitress help us to catch the taxi back to our hotel.

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