Sushi Bento (ซูชิเบนโตะ), Halal Japanese Food and Sushi in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In Chiang Mai and hankering for some halal sushi and Japanese cuisine? Sushi Bento has you covered!

This particular Malin Plaza branch is one of two branches, with the other located in Robinson Airport on Floor G.

The restaurant is not big, but is clean and has enough seating for you and your family to enjoy delicious halal Japanese food in Chiang Mai. Varieties of sushi and sashimi made with salmon, tuna, octoput, eel, sweet egg, stuffed crab, and more are available.

Bento sets are also available as well as takoyaki

For about 100 Baht per person you can have a delicious halal Japanese meal in Chiang Mai that won’t break the bank.

Opening Hours: Daily 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm

Address in Thai: ร้าน Sushi Bento, โครงการ มาลินพลาซ่า

Address in English: Sushi Bento Restaurant, Malin Plaza

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