Spa Cafe 786 Thai Muslim Halal Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Spa Cafe 786 is one of those street food stalls that is open exclusively in the morning to reward early risers with some of the best Halal Thai Muslim Breakfast that you’ve ever had.

The indoor and outdoor parts of the  restaurant are surprising spacious lined with wooden tables and under the care of a kind lady who loves to chat it up with the locals. This gives it a charm that is becoming harder to find nowadays.

The menus itself are branded with the halal logo with highlights including traditional Thai coffee, hot milk tea, black sweet tea, and other sweet drinks for that burst of morning energy. Food choices are very traditionally Thai encompassing of classic dishes such as: poached eggs, rice porridge, breakfast sets of sausages with bread, toasted sandwiches, and Thai-Muslim roti.

If you want to experience what a traditional Thai breakfast is like and want to keep it Halal, then Spa Cafe 786 in Chiang Mai is the place to definitely check out.

Opening Hours: Daily from 5:30 am until 11:00 am

Address in Thai: ถนน ช้างคลาน เชียงใหม่ (เลยปากทางเข้าเชียงใหม่แลนด์ประมาณ 200 ม ร้านอยู่ซ้ายมือข้างร้านซ่อมมอไซค์)

Address in English: Changkhan Road, past the alley entrance to Chiang Mai Land about 200 meters on left near a motorcycle repair shop

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