Shahrazad Bangkok – Halal Iranian Restaurant

Shahrazad Bangkok – Halal Iranian Restaurant

In a soi made up entirely of Middle Eastern restaurants, Shahrazad somehow manages to stand out. It claims to be the oldest one there and it’s even popped up on foodies’ radars, despite having the most discreet façade in this garish neon jungle.

Its doors open onto a small, low-ceilinged dining room which combines wood and mirror panels, elaborate light fixtures and banquet chairs dressed in floral slip-ons.

The menu is pan-Arabian, Indian, Continental and Thai but there’s also a single page of specifically Iranian dishes—the only page that’s not translated. That means that while Shahrazad actually has some excellent mezzes, they also have many substantial dishes, often involving rice.

The mezzes stand out for their freshness and well-balanced seasoning. The tabbouleh (B80) isn’t drowned in lemon juice; the babaganoush (B100) takes it easy on the garlic and explodes with smokey eggplant flavors. Their bread is superb, too: freshly roasted in the oven, it’s chewy, crispy, sprinkled with sesame seeds and good enough to be eaten on its own.

But you’d best imitate the other clients here and bring your family because Sherhazad also stands out for large dishes best shared, like the grilled leg of lamb (B300) or whole roast chicken stuffed with rice (B350).

It’s easy to see why Shahrazad is regularly recommended by food writers and Arab expats alike: it’s authentic, it closes late, service is fast and efficient and you’re still guaranteed to find a few “best in town” dishes in their long menu.

Source: Shahrazad Bangkok | Middle Eastern restaurant | BK Magazine Online

Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00am until 3:00am (late night)

Address in Thai: ร้านอาหารซาราซาดม สุขุมวิท 3/1 ถนนสุขุมวิท

Address in English: Sukhumvit 3/1

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