Each hotel listed on Halalidays.com is separated into three distinct categories for halal-friendliness:

  1. 100% Muslim
  2. Muslim-Friendly
  3. Family-Friendly

These are defined as below:

100% Muslim

The ownership, management, and/or staff is either partially or majority Muslim who can understand fully what Muslim travelers need. There will be at least one Halal-certified food and beverage outlet on the premises. Optional extras may include prayer rooms, qiblat in the rooms, and location in a Muslim area which will be mentioned under each listing.


The ownership, management, and/or staff consists of either some Muslims or trained professionals who understand the concept of Muslim-friendly hospitality. A Halal restaurant, whether officially certified or confirmed by the ownership, will be available on the premises with a preference towards a Halal breakfast service. The property must also have a good atmosphere that does not condone explicit activities such as nightlife or sexual services. Muslim businesses or mosques within walking distance are put into special consideration.


Family-friendly properties do not have any specific services catered towards Muslim needs but offer an atmosphere and area that friendly towards all family guests. These properties will typically be listed for cities that do not have other alternatives from the other aforementioned categories but are considered appropriate enough for a memorable vacation. These properties will typically also be selected if located near Muslim businesses or mosques for convenience.

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