Halal Chicken Biryani at Platinum Fashion Mall Pratunam, Bangkok

Those visiting or staying at the Pratunam Shopping District will no doubt visit the famous Platinum Fashion Mall. This extremely popular shopping center, asides from selling an endless amount of wholesale fashion is also home to a great food court on its 6th floor.

Among the great selection of food at the food court, are some halal vendors including this famous Rice with Curried Chicken, aka Chicken Biryani (ข้าวหมกไก่). It is a favorite of both local and traveling Muslims for its great flavors and very attractive pricing. Load up on a cash card at the food court’s cashier booths and get ready to indulge yourself — don’t worry as any remaining balance on the card is returned in full after you’re done eating.

The chicken biryani can be ordered as steamed or fried with complimenting sauces for each. At only 50 Baht, you can easily afford to pay for the whole family — or multiple plates for yourself! But, the highlight here is surprisingly the Seafood Noodles with Pink Soup, aka Yen Ta Fo Noodle Soup (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเย็นตาโฟ). It is also 50 Baht per bowl with good portions, it is disputably one of the best valued halal noodles in the city and lots of locals Muslims can be seen ordering up a couple of these slurp-a-licious delights. If you’re allergic to seafood, you can also request some bits of chicken instead at no additional cost.

Visitors to the city should definitely not miss out on this place as it is in the heart of Pratunam with an easily accessible location. Asides from this noodle stand, there are also a few others in the same food court that can easily be located with this halal banner beside them which we will cover in future posts, insha’Allah.

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