What’s Halalidays?

It is made up of two words: halal + holidays. It is vacations that are both enjoyable and allows Muslim travelers to adhere to religious principles.

Are these hotels only for Muslim travelers?

Of course, not! Halal hotels are also family-friendly and great for those seeking to have relaxing stays.

When I click to book, it goes to a Booking.com page?

Halalidays.com is proud to be an affiliate with Booking.com in providing a convenient and safe way to reserve hotel rooms. Confirmations are instant and we guarantee the best rates available online.

Can I cancel my reservation after it's confirmed?

Each reservation will have different conditions. Most will have free cancellation before a certain date while some others with heavily discounted rates may not be cancelled nor refunded. If you are not sure, you may contact us first for some great advice on the best ways to book your rooms.

Any special rates for groups or large families?

We can arrange for special rates with our partner hotels directly. Our team is comprised of hospitality management experts and can always help you find the best deals to fit your needs. Just contact us and let us know your thoughts.