Aaleyah by ChomKwan Silom – Halal Restaurant in Bangkok

In Bangkok’s bustling business district of Silom, there is a halal Muslim restaurant called Aaleyah by ChomKwan. It is the latest branch of the ChomKwan brand of restaurants made famous for its baked treats and delicious food.

It is located on Silom Road near the Jewelry Trade Center (where you can park for free on weekdays with a stamped ticket from the restaurant). The interior is surprisingly spacious with beautifully designed furnishings giving it a bit of a Middle Eastern vibe. A prayer room is also available on the upper floor.

We started off with an appetizer of yellow sticky rice with chicken. This is an old-fashioned dish where the sticky rice is steamed with cumin seasonings with chicken from the delicious stews they have simmering.

For a more Chinese-inspired app, the steamed shrimp shaomai has lots of fillings and an appropriately thin layer of dumpling wrapper that give it a pleasing, smooth texture.

Now, khaomok — Thai-style biryani — is a common dish found in Thailand’s halal food restaurants with variants of chicken, beef, or sometimes shrimp. But, this khaomok is served with a generous portions of salmon. Asides from having an irresistible presentation that is Instagram-worthy, the taste shows the apparent care the chef put into making this unique dish.

The spicy grilled beef salad has a nice kick of spice to compliment its bold flavors and making this a well-rounded Thai dish that is loved by locals.

To cool things down, we tried the both a traditional Thai black iced tea and blended melon. Both were very refreshing and helped top off an overall excellent meal.


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